MindTrip Podcast 067 – Inigo Kennedy

February comes with a very special episode on the MindTrip Podcast. Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ who has been crafting he signature sound for the last two decades. He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work – not least to his recently relaunched label Asymmetric which freely criss-crossed the electronic music landscape. He is responsible for countless releases and amazing projects on highly respected labels like Token, Soma, Missile Records. In this mix he showcases not only his musical taste and preferences but also his flawless mixing skills. Enjoy for the next 1hr Inigo Kennedy on a special MindTrip mix.

This is MindTrip!

01.Lunatik – Olympus [ipne002]

02.Inigo Kennedy – Yellow Leaf [asyd-04]

03.CNCPT – Exit Track 2 [olympian26]

04.Diego Oroquieta – Relevance [utchep0037]

05.Developer – Charm Them With Sonics [modularz53]

06.Elektrabel – Lost Rattle [wu71d]

07.FLAWS – Circumstances [mt42]

08.Lakej – Out Of Reach [semantica131]

09.Falling Echoes – Symmetry [olympian24]

10.Mike Parker – Spiral Snare [gph23]

11.Markus Suckut – Higher [oddeven039]

12.ORBE – Pozdro [acltd002]

13.Perfo – Knights and Pawns [awry-ba017]

14.Nørbak – Pragmatically Speaking [soma619]

15.Tonske – Obscure [cogo002]

16.We Call It Voight-Kampff – Gates [ido016]

17.Inigo Kennedy – Untitled [unreleased]

18.Vinicius Honorio & Allan Feytor – Neptune [olympian27]

19.Education Club – Tales Of Stupidity [btm003]

20.Ritzi Lee – Unification [mord076.2]

21.Coefficient – Hyperspace [krlf019]

22.Dig-It – Averted Vision [analtd004ca]

23.Slight Function – Mistaken Identity [mt41]

24.Deepak Sharma – The Fourth Branch [045hr]

25.Emmanuel – Culture [artscorelp003]

26.Vertical Spectrum – Aurora w Opalach [faut041]

27.Ian Axide – Inside [emphatic060]

28.Programma 101 – Concrete [dsdgtl002]

29.Inigo Kennedy – Untitled [asyd-04]

30.Planetary Assault Systems – Labstract [token103lp]

31.Regis & Female – Join Us In Paradise [tresor147]

32.Ferdinger – Bygones Be Bygones [artsx025]

33.Disruptive Pattern Material – Freedom [rekids179]

34.Shaken Opus – Arsenic [latfrag007]

35.Lakker – Memory Lane [bandcamp]

36.Inigo Kennedy – Untitled [unreleased]

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