MindTrip Podcast 066 – Slight Function

We are kicking off 2022 with a special 2hr episode on the MindTrip Podcast by Slight Function. The duo introduced itself to our MindTrip world last month with their track ‘Mistaken Identity’ released on Mutable Minds V compilation. Slight Function was created in 2020 and is a completely new project between the German Krenzlin and the Argentinian Rhombic. Their debut release came out as 12″ vinyl at 770-output on February 2021 and their sound can be identified as dark, straight, raw techno. We hope you enjoy this special mix and we wish you a Happy New Year!

This is MindTrip!

01.Gronotek – Fabrica De Inhumanos [Dosis Records]

02.Drucal and Untrex – Birth of Light [Dosis Records]

03.Diego Oroquieta – Stat [NewRhythmic Recs]

04.Farceb – Kuant [Tremsix]

05.Cassulle – Crasso I [Krad Collective]

06.Ruptura – When The End Comes [Corpus Black]

07.Aicrag – Elbow [Newrhythmic Recs]

08._asstnt &Roll Dann – Drunkenness of the Deep [Mindtrip]

09.Oscar Rey – Unknown [Alleanza]

10.Divide – Declassato [Faut Section]

11.Force Reaction – Control Abuse [KSR]

12.Decka – In Concrete Form [Unterwegs]

13.Gonzalo MD – Valkyr UV [Konflkt]]

14.Y7 – Untitled 1 [Unreleased]

15.The Lady Machine – Swelter [Symbolism]

16.Rustal – Oilliphe [Secret Keywords]

17.Slight Function – Mistaken Identity [Mindtrip]

18.Pfirter – Unilateral [Mindtrip]

19.Dying – Different World [Sungate]

20.Benales – Fierce [Inguma]

21.Lidvall – Counting [TMM]

22.Benales – Ooze [Inguma]

23.ASKE – Hämarik [Antiterra]

24.Jay Clarke – Titanium (Audio Units & dotdat Remix) [Blackaxon]

25.Decka – Unheard [SOPTIK]

26.Jacobworld – Sync [OOM Records]

27.Vohkinne – Elements [R]3volution]

28.VIL – Andromeda [Self Reflektion]

29.Mike Storm – Certain Qualifications [Affekt Recordings]

30.Surge – Last Mind Standing [Krad Collective]

31.Benales – Morphia [Inguma]

32.Qazme – Ascent [Kusiya Records]

33.Coyu – Always Wanting More (Decka Remix) [SUARA]

34.Benales – Distress [Inguma]

35.Modern Doom – Neon God [MSDMNR]

36.Jacobworld – Regulate [OOM Records]

37.d_func. and Mario Berger – Direction [R]3volution]

38.ASKE – Reassembled Arp 1 [A+audio]

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