MindTrip Podcast 059 – Mary Yuzovskaya

June’s episode on the MindTrip Podcast welcomes Moscow’s Mary Yuzovskaya for an exclusive mix. Back in 2013 she relocated to NYC where she became a key figure in the US scene, performing regularly at different venues while she was also working as a vinyl distribution manager at renowned Brooklyn-based record shop Halcyon. Since 2020 she is based in Berlin where she runs her imprint called Monday Off, releasing work from artists that explore Techno’s trippier side. Enjoy her deep, hypnotic 60min exclusive mix.

This is MindTrip!

01.Luigi Tozzi – Yavin [Hypnus]

02.Kaczmarek – 6666 (Iori Remix) [KCZMRK]

03.Viels – Five Feet Under [Non Series]

04.Michal Wolski – Xeioa Claipha [Monday Off]

05.Mod21 – Still Breathing [Mental Modern]

06.Svreca – Nida (Adriana Lopez Remix) [Semantica]

07.Lewis Fautzi – Another Try [Mord]

08.Oxygeno – Agony [Edit Select]

09.Oscar Mulero – Perlora [Evod]

10.Blazej Malinowski – At the End [Inner Tension]

11.Refracted – Shuffle Transmit [Sublunar]

12.Wata Igarashi – Death Orange [Semantica]

13.Mike Parker – Trailing Particles [Subosc Records]

14.Ruhig – Nadir [Awry]

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