MindTrip Podcast 058 – Border One

MindTrip Podcast episode 58th welcomes Steven Petit aka Border One for his debut mix. The Belgian artist has amassed an irrefutable reputation in his home country and beyond since the release of his first 12-inch record in 2015. SInce then he released several EPs on labels such as Knowledge Imprint, Setaoc Mass’ SK-eleven, Freddy K’s KEY vinyl imprint, the infamous Token Records as well as his own Border One Records. In his 80min mix he is showcasing his signature sound as a DJ featuring tracks from the likes of Planetary Assault Systems, Rene Wise, Kr!z, Translate, Desroi and more.

This mix can easily be considered the definition of Trippiness so make sure you enjoy responsibly.

This is MindTrip!

01.Nørbak – Genese [Warm Up]

02.Desroi – Vessel [Voltage[

03.Translate – Usat Major [Edit Select]

04.Border One – Catalyst [KEY]

05.Rene Wise – Hollow [SK_eleven]

06.Skjöld – Infinitum [Edit Select]

07.Staffan Linzatti – Revolving worlds [Modularz]

08.Planetary Assault Systems – Kamani [Ostgut Ton]

09.Planetary Assault Systems – Bang Wap [Token]

10.Pfirter, Oliver Rosemann – Beta 01 [Stockholm LTD]

11.Staffan Linzatti – The Simplifying man [Modularz]

12.Yant – Contravention [SK_eleven]

13.Diego Alberto – Myelin Sheath

14.Linkan Ray – Ground Test [Be As One Imprint]

15.Troy – Gloaming [KEY]

16.Robert Hood – Obey [M-Plant]

17.Kr!z – unreleased

18.Pfirter – Visions of Eternity [Paralelo]

19.Planetary Assault Systems – Say It Loud [Token]

20.Steve Bicknell – Space [Fabric]

21.Deniro – Egalize [Trip]

22.Jay Zoney – Gohst [Dead Cert]

23.Intelligence Service – Self Mode

24.Kaiser – 26 Hours, 26 Minutes [Mood]

25.TWR72 – Zero [Float]

26.PTTRN – Disappear 4 (Mike Parker Remix) [Token]

27.Yant – Electronic Space Storm [SK_eleven]

28.Rhyw – Spoiler [Avian]

29.Irazu – After Beaten [30D records]

30.Albert Van Abbe – Nullpunkt [System Revival]

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