MindTrip Podcast 053 – Temudo

On the last episode of the MindTrip podcast for 2020 Pfirter invited one of Portugal’s leading artists of the current techno scene, João Rodrigues aka Temudo. He lives & breathes music since he was a kid when he started his education in sound. Having initially dived into the Drum ’n’ Bass fields as Medio, he continued being eager to learn and experiment, and that was when he began exploring the sound of Techno. Up to date he has released on labels like Soma, Modularz, Clergy, Mord, Synewave, Planet Rhythm and also Hayes, a collaborative platform run by himself together with Nørbak, VIL, -2 and Osse focused on showcasing the distinct output of its artists through vinyl and digital releases. Temudo created an exceptional 60 min mix including music from Vince Watson, Diego Amura, Divide, Troy, Kwartz and much more, as well as upcoming unreleased tracks by himself.

We would like to thank all artists who have contributed with their music and mixes to our MindTrip Podcast so far and also to our listeners who continue to support every single episode. Stay safe and have a Happy Trippy Different New Year!

This is MindTrip!

01.NWHR – MV-11

02.Vince Watson – Mutator [Primate Recordings]

03.Inland – Chromophon

04.Sev Dah – Daimonic [KSR]

05.WCYA – Paraeidolie (Temudo Remix V2)

06.Nørbak – Unreleased

07.Hattori Hanzo – Terminal Velocity

08.Concentrate – Semantika (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Gynoid Audio]

09.Temudo – Ajudou

10.Diego Amura – Fine [KSR]

11.-2 – Contextualizing

12.Thomas Hoffknecht – Tenor (Cari Lekebusch Mutation I)

13.Black Lotus & Temudo – Appetite For Narrative

14.Concentrate – Timewarp (Developer Remix) [Gynoid Audio]

15.Divide – Immersione [Float Records]

16.VIL – Futura

17.Kwartz – Ground Contact [KSR]

18.Brusca – Beseech

19.Quelza – La Valse 01

20.Troy – Ariamis [Klockworks]

21.Flaws – Guide

22.Romain Richard – Big Bang (Fixon Remix) [ANAOH]

23.Divide – Sonar [Float Records]

24.Black Lotus & Temudo – How Many

25.Nørbak – Unreleased

26.Rene Wise – Shackle Shuffle

27.Temudo – Bully’s Dead

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