MindTrip Podcast 052 – Lewis Fautzi

November comes with the 52nd edition of our MindTrip Podcast. This month Pfirter welcomes Lewis Fautzi for an exclusive mix. Hailing from the small town of Barcelos in Portugal, Lewis has had a meteoric ascension in the global techno scene. Establishing the norm of releasing on well-respected labels like Bpitch Control, Figure, Soma, Pole Group, and of course his own imprint Faut Section, he lives and breathes techno, not only in his passion for production but also in his perpetual study and absorption of the art form in all its perspectives. Lewis is definitely considered one of the leading artists in the Portuguese techno scene during the past decade, and we are pleased to share with you his 60 min mix on this month’s episode. Enjoy!

This is MindTrip!

01.Crime as Service – Access

02.Rasser – Old Memories [Selected Records]

03.BLNDR – Crash [Granulart Recordings]

04.Takaaki Itoh – Rig 3 (Svarog Remix) [Kin-Ben Label]

05.Blovk – Horns of Plenty

06.Kessel – Refuse To Conform [Warm Up Recordings]

07.TESST – Exit Where

08.Kaiser – Floating In The Abyss [Nova Future]

09.Oscar Mulero – Unreleased

10.Kike Pravda – Ground [SENOID Recordings]

11.Antonio De Angelis – Kristal (Exium Remix) [Children Of Tomorrow Records]

12.Pfirter – Purification [MindTrip]

13.Adriana Lopez – Blank Stare [In Silent Series]

14.Lakej – Divided Attention [Edit Select]

15.Lewis Fautzi – Unreleased

16.Moddullar – Elements [UTCH Records]

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