MindTrip Podcast 064 – VIL

One of Portugal’s finest techno exports, VIL, takes over this month’s episode on the MindTrip podcast with an exclusive recording. Founding member of HAYES Collective, an imprint focused on releasing quality music on both vinyl and digital formats, aiming to showcase the distinct sound of its own artists featuring Autrane, Cravo, Enkō, Nørbak, Temudo and VIL himself. In this 60min mix get ready to drift yourself into the grooviness of his sound selection ranging from funky techno and breaks to house beats. VIL’s music has been put out on labels such as Klockworks, Faut Section, Be As One and Hayes of course while his next release is coming out soon on stranger’s label, Self Reflektion. MindTrip podcast episode 64 is already here but question is; are you ready to dance?

This is MindTrip!

01.Aubrey – Lose Yourself [Solid Groove]

02.Damon Wild – Downtown World pt3 [Kanzleramt]

03.Diego Amura – Sonic [Etruria Beat]

04.Sathurnus – Unreleased

05.Hardcell – Mankind b2 [Mankind]

06.Gaetano Parisio – Quake [Conform]

07.Dj Shufflemaster – Experience [Tresor Records]

08.Fabrice Lig – Los Picaros [Kanzleramt]

09.Nicolas Vogler – Red Dress [Hemisferio Records]

10.Max Watts – Funktionlust

11.Phill Berg – Unreleased

12.SLS – It Used To swing

13.Vil & Cravo – Unreleased

14.Vil – I donno [Self Reflektion]

15.Hertz & Mhonolink – Preserve [Sway]

16.Stef Mendesidis – Profiler [Klockworks]

17.Niteworks feat Damon Wild & Echoplex – Ona [Synewave]

18.Stef Mendesidis – Stalker [Klockworks]

19.Vil & Cravo – Unreleased

20.Hertz – One

21.Dj Boss – Untitled 1 [Mechanisms Industries]

22.Vil – Andromeda ([Self Reflektion]

23.UVB – What I’ve Learned [MORD]

24.Ian Void – The Rascal (Chris McCormack Remix) [Geushky]

25.Cravo – Unreleased

26.Mhonolink – Untitled A1 [Mankind]

27.Hertz – Recreate [Sway]

28.Pratap & Lumor – Opshen [Sway]

29.Echoplex – Chordman [Hertz Records]

30.Gaetano Parisio – Outset [Conform Records]

31.Oliver Ho – Sing [Meta]

32.Jeff Mills – The World of Worlds [Axis]

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