MindTrip Podcast 070 – The Lady Machine

On the 70th episode of the MindTrip podcast, we welcome one of Brazil’s finest techno exports, The Lady Machine. Born in Rio de Janeiro and based in Berlin, Camilla has been involved in the electronic music scene for the last 20 years mainly as a purist vinyl DJ.
Her sound is based on a complex structure of rhythms with dark synth lines and rich textures, while her versatile sets are characterized by her precise mixing technique and exceptional track selection. She is a resident DJ at Berlin’s famous Pornceptual nights and you will probably enjoy her sets at a club somewhere close to you if you haven’t already. As a producer, you can find her on labels such as Mote Evolver, Token, Symbolism as well as on Unterwegs, her own record label along with Decka.
We are pleased to share with you her exclusive mix for us featuring tracks by Decka, Kaiser, Diego Amura, Jeroen Search and more.

This is MindTrip!

01.Jeroen Search – 33 [Rudiment 001]

02.Kerrie – Raw Regimen [Blueprint]

03.Decka – Strings for Ukraine [SUARA]

04.Deniro – MPC Tracks [Self Reflection]

05.DJ Savage – Trauma [Pleitoscene Future 01] 06.Diego Amura – Femmena Part 2 [Indigene Records]

07.Kaiser – Escapin Secpticism [K S R]

08.Magna Pia – Yultuz [Counterchange]

09.Truncate – The Drill [Truncate]

10.Sedvs – Half Not Hungry [Emerald]

11.Inland – Hallen Master [Counterchange]

12.Phara – Unreleased

13.Volpe – Determine Your Destiny [Frenzy]

14.Jonas Kopp – Omega Man

15.Oliver Rosemann – Crossings [Warm Up]

16.Alarico & Norbak – G Funk (Norbak Remix) [Harsh Plucks]

17.Arthur Robert – Abundance [FIGURE]

18.Phil Berg – Devious Phantasies [Frenzy]

19.Phara – Unreleased

20.Marcal, Gabi & Invie – Same Address [Symbolism]

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