MindTrip Podcast 062 – _asstnt & Roll Dann

MindTrip podcast episode 62 welcomes two Spanish artists on an B2B set. _asstnt & Roll Dan have shared quite a few releases in the past on labels like Mord, Involve as well as on their own platform Opera 2000, and in October we are pleased to welcome them on MindTrip music with their ‘Emergency Break’ a 4-track vinyl release. In this exclusive 90min mix they will take you to a fast, groovy trip showcasing their remarkable mixing skills and unique sound. Definitely not a mix for faint-hearted.

This is MindTrip!

01.Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – One Being, One Orientatino, One Power [Ostgut Ton]

02._asstnt & Roll Dann – Red Rythms [MindTrip]

03.Planetary Assault Systems – Bang Wap [Token]

04.Force Reaction – Definition 3 [K S R]

05.Endplate – Inferus [Faut Section]

06._asstnt & Roll Dann – Coalescence [Opera 2000]

07.Symmetrical Behaviour – Falcon 9 [MORD]

08.Temudo – Bully’s Dead [HAYES]

09.Sterac – Lost Track 22 [Mote Evolver]

10.Cravo & VIL – Caxias [HAYES]

11.Cleric – Fujiwara [Planet X Society]

12._asstnt & Roll Dann – Emergency Break [MindTrip]

13.Pfirter – Rise [Paralelo]

14.Dimi Angelis – Incidental [ANGLS]

15.Eric Sneo – Pulses [Terminal M

16.Measure Divide – Green [Clergy Records]

17.New Frames – Heart Racer [Live From Earth Klub]

18.Dax J – Simulated Reality [Monnom Black]

19.Tensal – JB2 [Tensal]

20._asstnt & Roll Dann – Drunkness Of The Deep [MindTrip]

21.Endplate – Abby had Right [Granulart]

22.Oliver Rosemann – Rabid Dog [MORD]

23.Lag – Parter

24.Roll Dann – Ridding Horses In The Darkness [Clergy Records]

25._asstnt & Roll Dann – F.U.C.K. Come on! (Unreleased)

26.TWR72 – Snake [OOM Records]

27.Pfirter – Continuation [Paralelo]

28._asstnt & Roll Dann – Old Crescent [MindTrip]

29.Inigo Kennedy – Rude Interruption [Missile Records]

30.Oliver Rosemann – Haunted Houses [MORD]

31.TYGAPAW – Run 2 U [NAAFI]

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