Mindtrip Podcast 050 – Divide

We welcome you to MindTrip Podcast’s 50th edition. With September’s episode we want to thank all artists involved in the previous episodes as well as our listeners and supporters. For this anniversary edition we invited Divide, an amazing producer from the South of Italy, with previous releases on Warm Up Recordings, Hayes and his very recent 6-track Geostorm EP on MindTrip released on August 31st. In his debut mix for MindTrip podcast he mixes some of his favorite tunes along with some of his original tracks.

Enjoy Divide for the next 1hr.

This is MindTrip!

01.Alva Noto & Opiate – Opto File 2

02.Jeff Mills – Hallucinations

03.Moon Phase – La Luna

04.Jeff Mills – Something in the Sky II A1

05.Giri – Ilizia 1

06.Translate – Division Selectiva

07.Enformig – Romp

08.Unreleased – (Divide Remix)

09.Pulso – Poplar Docks

10.Patrick Pulsinger – Viagem

11.Jeff Mills – Life Cycle

12.Ritzi Lee – S.O.S

13.Sigha – 12

14.Reeko – Day Zero

15.Divide – Esosfera

16.Surgeon – Raw Trax 10

17.Evod – Forma Transitoria (Unreleased)

18.Divide – Nube

19.Jeff Mills – Transfusion

20.Aitherio – Unreleased

21.Aitherio – Unreleased

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