Jonas Kopp


If you ask anyone in the music industry how they started their sonic journey of discovery, many will cite the radio or a certain DJ or band. For Jonas Kopp, that magical moment occurred as he began his teenage years with a piece of music that would shape his life: Kraftwerk’s seminal album, Trans Europa Express. “From that moment nothing was the same.” he recalls. “My father had seen I was interested in music and bought me a turntable and some vinyl.” Gaining all the skills needed to be a DJ, he burst on to the scene in the mid ’00s working as a resident DJ at a local radio station in his hometown of Buenos Aires. Aged 19, as Area 64, he had already made his first full-length CD.

Influenced initially by the tough house rhythms of New York, he soon widened his palette with the pioneers of Detroit and Chicago also informing his style; a comfortable place straddling House and Techno. 2006 marked his official debut release, a rousing EP on Pfirter’s MindTrip Music, and from that point, he has become one of the most versatile and recognised multifaceted performers in the underground scene, combining dizzying 3 deck genre hopping DJing with a more techno-orientated live show which he unveiled at the World’s most well-known Techno institution: “It was a very special gig for me.” He says, “My first time ever in Berlin and I had to play live on the Ben Klock Berghain 04 compilation!”

Now relocated to Europe, Jonas continues to grow as an artist, jetting off around the globe every weekend. Signed to the impressive Tresor Records among a long list of others, he released his album ’Photon Belt’ this year – a follow up to the 2014 ‘Beyond The Hypnosis’ long player. Recalling another pivotal moment in his career, he remembers a live PA for French promoters, Concrete: “During my Beyond the Hypnosis tour, I had to play before Surgeon. It was humbling having him was behind me listening and enjoying the set, I will never forget the experience.” Multitalented, Jonas has two aliases focusing on House (Untidy) and Ambient (Telluric Lines) as well as running his new label Tremsix.

As a deeply spiritual man, Jonas believes his music can bring people together on a higher level: connected through art. “I know my mission in this life is give service and help to make people awake-aware through my gift.” He also plans to give back to the scene by acting as a mentor to new artists. Viewing music as a form of therapy is close to Jonas’ heart and sees his ambient project – Telluric Lines – could be performed in non-club environments such as museums, galleries and beyond. Drawing people together under the umbrella of hope.
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